HMXP Offroad Bash - Hemond’s MX & Offroad Park

HMXP Offroad Bash

Join us August 24 & 25, 2019 for the 3rd annual Offroad Bash at Hemond’s MX and Offroad Park! We have all sorts of activities for everyone to enjoy.

The list of activities include open riding in the Offroad Park, Vehicle Showcase where everyone can check out the vehicles that came to the event, Mud Run Competition, Dirt Track Rally Race, Tuff Truck Challenge, Bonfire, Amber Jack Band, and more! 

Overnight camping is open for everyone both Friday and Saturday night. Mark your calendars, tell your friends and family, get your vehicles ready and plan to have a great time with us at this year’s Offroad Bash!


Date Day Time Item
8/23 Friday 4:00PM Gates Open For Overnight Camping
8/23 Friday 10:00PM Gates Close
8/24 Saturday 6:00AM Gates Open
8/24 Saturday 8:00AM-10:00M Open Vehicle Showcase
8/24 Saturday 10:00AM-NOON Mud Run Competition
8/24 Saturday 1:00PM-3:00PM Dirt Track Rally Race
8/24 Saturday 4:00PM-6:00PM Tuff Truck Challenge
8/24 Saturday 7:00PM-11:00PM Bonfire and Amber Jack Band
8/24 Saturday 11:00PM Gates Close
8/25 Sunday 8:00AM Gates Open
8/25 Sunday 9:00AM-7:00PM Offroad Park Open Wheeling


  • Vehicle Day Pass: $25
  • Vehicle Weekend Pass: $40
  • Spectator Day Pass: $10
  • Spectator Weekend Pass: $20
  • Kids Day Pass (12 & under): $5
  • Kids Weekend Pass (12 & under): $10
  • Minot Residents: $5


This year’s event will consist of a Mud Run, Dirt Track Rally Race, and a Tuff Truck Challenge. We may have to do qualifying rounds depending on how big the turn-out is. 1st-3rd place for each event will be awarded.

The Mud Run competition consists of stock and modified classes. The modified class includes major modifications to the stock chassis and/or non-stock engines. Basic vehicle upgrades such as lift kits, rims & tires, stock motor modifications are allowed in the stock class.

The Dirt Track Rally Race will utilize one third of the Hilltop motocross track. Bump, slide and skirt your way to the top! Heats and divisions may be added depending on turn out. Bring anything that runs and rolls.

The Tuff Truck Challenge is exactly what you think it is. See just how Tuff your Truck is in this challenging obstacle course littered with gnarly terrain, bumps, hills, and turns. The fastest time to complete the course, wins. Bring anything that runs and rolls.



  • No fires on pit grass, must be in raised firepit.
  • No direct connections to water spigots. Water barrel fill up only.
  • No dumping of oil, fuel, antifreeze or other hazardous liquids on facility grounds
  • No loud noise after dark.
  • Generators must be shut off after 11pm.
  • No vending of merchandise or services without prior permission from facility management.