Excitebike Challenge



Remember the days of Excitebike!? Maybe that was before your time but a quick YouTube search will show you what Excitebike is all about. We’re bringing that to real life and this event will take place of the typical pitbike race we have at our events. This is a pitbike race only! No race model bikes allowed!

We’ll be extending our pitbike/kids track and will be modifying the features for this race. Once the racers cross the finish line once, the race is over. All racers will get in line and we’ll line up 5 bikes at a time behind the Hilltop gate. The gate will drop for those 5 riders and the next 5 riders will line up for the next race.

The top two racers from each race will advance to more races. Racers will keep lining up until they have lost twice and when they place 3rd, 4th or 5th for a second time, they’re eliminated from the event. We’ll keep racing until there are 2 riders left to duke it out in the finale. The finale will be a best 2 out of 3 showdown and the first racer to win two races in the finale will be crowned the Excitebike Challenge Champion!

Excitebike Challenge registration is $10 per rider. There will be two classes, 12 & under and 13 & older. Register online via the button below!

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