Team Relay Race



Just like last year, we’re lining up on Sawmill MX and doing a relay race with 100% payout. Teams will need to gather 3 riders to complete their team – one A rider, one B rider and one C rider. Each team will be given a bib with their team number on it for each rider.

Teams will create their own strategy on which rider goes first, second and third. The rider you pick to go first will line up for the gate drop. That rider will complete 3 laps meeting the second team rider at the relay point where the riders will need to bump fists before the second rider is able to complete their 3 laps meeting the third rider at the relay point to bump fists sending the third rider to complete their 3 laps. Once the third rider has completed their 3 laps, they will be presented with the checkered flag. The top three teams will be awarded the payout.

We’re capping the event at 10 teams so figure out your team and register online via the button below! This race is for big bikes only! Riders must have a 21″ front wheel and an 18″ or 19″ rear wheel. 

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